AI and Tongue Diagnosis

Although not exactly Traditional Chinese Medicine, this research discusses the use of Artificial Intelligence image analysis to diagnose 3 different diseases using analysis of tongue…

Neural circuitry: latent, passive, and active acupoints

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…acupuncture needling increases impulses from passive acupoints but calms signals from active acupoints. This electrophysiologic difference between passive and active acupoints has been confirmed by experimental data in rats (Y.-T. Ma, unpublished data).

Ma, S., & Sun, S. (2014). Biomedical Acupuncture for Pain Management: An Integrative Approach. Elsevier.

Modification of herbal product pricing Dr. Noyer has just informed us that herbal medicine pricing will slightly increase this summer, after more than a decade without modification. The 5%…

Leaves in the Wind

A few years ago I did my first multi-day solo hike in the Jura mountains. It’s a well known route, of which I did a…