Biomedical Acupuncture for Pain Management

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I have begun reading a new text book, and I thought I would make a series of posts to highlight some interesting quotes:

In our daily lives, if hyperactivity of the sympathetic system persists too long,
we become exhausted because of consuming stored energy; our immune system becomes suppressed; we are more likely to get sick; and finally our constant body environment, homeostasis, starts to decline. In this event the body becomes excessively
sensitive to pain (hyperalgesia).

When the sympathetic nervous system calms
during rest and a period of tranquility, the parasympathetic system becomes active. The decreasing for example, such functions as proper food digestion, which helps to absorb and supply energy flow to the body systems.

Clinical evidence shows that acupuncture stimulation normalizes the activities of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems to restore optimal homeostasis, which means that acupuncture stimulation calms the sympathetic activities and activates parasympathetic functions.

Yun-tao Ma, PhD
Director of International Biomedical Acupuncture Institute
Boulder, CO

Mila Ma, LicAc
International Biomedical Acupuncture Institute
Boulder, CO

Zang Hee Cho, PhD
Professor, Radiological Sciences
University of California, Irvine
Irvine, CA

By MEpps

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