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Matthew Epps, MAcOM is a member of:

  • ASCA
  • RME
  • NAREG (Suisse ESP Naturopathie MTC equivalence)


Treatment costs can be reimbursed in accordance with your complimentary health insurance provider. 

Initial Consultation

Your first appointment

  • Intake Health history, Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis
  • Treatment Acupuncture
  • Advice Prognostic, Treatment plan, Recomendations
  • Duration Up to 90 minutes


Follow-up consultation

  • Evolution evaluation of symptom progress
  • Treatment Acupuncture
  • Advice Prognostic, Recommendations
  • Duration Up to 60 minutes

Acupuncture Plus

Follow-up consultation, with Massage (or Cupping)

  • Evolution Evaluation of symptom progress
  • Treatment Acupuncture, followed by Massage or Cupping
  • Advice Prognostic, Recommendations
  • Duration Up to 75 minutes


Tui-na/ Shiatsu/ Massage Classique

  • Adapted to your needs, the therapeutic massage can be more *Sport" or more relaxing.
  • Comfort Aero-Cell Oakworks Massage table, relaxing music, tranquil environment
  • Intuitive Not just good technique!
  • Duration 30 minute massage, please plan on 45 minutes total


"Just" Cupping

  • Decompression Also called Ba Guan Zi (拔罐子), or "Myofascial Decompression Therapy"
  • Fire The vaccuum is created by the brief introduction of a flame into the cup before placement
  • Indications Decontraction, fascial release, training recuperation, blood circulation, lung congestion
  • Durée 30 minutes

Herbal Consultation

Prescription and Modification

  • Health history, Intake Evaluation of symptoms
  • Treatment Prescriptioni or modification of your herbal formula according to TCM
  • Products Delivered by a pharmacie, close to your home.
  • Duration Up to 30 minutes

Other Services and Charges

TCM Herbal products from Swiss Pharmaciesvariable, billed directly by the pharmacy
Reduction upon request
(AVS, AI, Chômage, Student, Low Income)
Rappel for delayed payment+30
Appointment not cancelled 24h in advanceFull cost of missed appointment