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Acupuncture relieves pain in emergency patients: Study: ScienceDaily
Acupuncture in the ER

World's largest randomized controlled trial of acupuncture in emergency departments finds it is a safe and effective alternative to pain-relieving drugs.

Read the full article here: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/06/170618103517.htm

How To Induce Labor With Acupressure

I've found that this site has a clear and friendly explanation of acupressure for labor induction, including images, descriptions, and videos. I am sharing the link here for future reference! 

How To Induce Labor With Acupressure - Mommypotamus.com

Nurturing Life in Classical Chinese Medicine: Sun Simiao on Healing without Drugs, Transforming Bodies and Cultivating Life - Health Preservation - JCM Article Archive
Sun Simiao

In this article, Sabine Wilms explains some of the ideas of Sun Simiao, "King of Medicines", a master of Chinese Medicine who lived around 600 AD. Besides his contributions to herbal medicines, and acupuncture methods, he discussed the theory of Chinese Medicine, and developed theories of the correspondances between the micro and macro cosms, betwen human and environment, especially in realtion to the 5 phases, i-jing, and the bagua.

Renovations in Nyon

This is just a short blog post to note that there will be an relatively large renovation of our building (11 rue de la Gare) during 2016. The exterior of the building will be refreshed, with new paint, energy efficient windows, and modern balcony dressings. There will be renovations of the ground floor commercial spaces, and of the open first-floor terrace.

New TCM Research

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